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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Belgian Monks

An amusing, but misleading, story about beer made by Trappist monks in Belgium is making the rounds: I even heard it about it at a recent cocktail party. Here's a blog that attempts to draw some marketing lessons from it:What Belgian Monks Can Teach You About Marketing.
That blog item concludes that "Depending on the scope of your product or service, restricted availability might actually improve your image and your bottom line."

It's misleading because while Belgian Monks might not be trying to maximize their profits, your boss almost certainly is and your task as a marketer is to help make that happen. If there's a shortage of product, then it's basic Econ 101 to show that either production is too small, or the price is too low, for profits to be maximized.

If you take your lessons in marketing from Belgian monks, then your boss has every reason to make your career as short as possible.


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