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Monday, October 01, 2007

Brand Building on the Web

A recent Forrester Research report on Brand Building on the Web gets the key point of branding right.
To convince consumers that their offerings are worth the prices they command, sellers of high-consideration products and services need Web sites that do two things: 1) communicate value in an emotionally engaging way, and 2) deliver value by offering useful, usable content and function.

The point of building a brand (or even having a brand) is to increase sales through increased sales effectiveness.

For high end products (like luxury automobiles), this turns into the two objectives listed in Forrester's summary: communicate value and deliver added value. These objectives aren't right because they somehow feel right, they're right because the obstacle to increased sales for nearly all products is customer trust, and the customer's trust can be created by branding.

There's value in Forrester's report for Brand Building off the web, too. The role of branding is the same on and off the web. After all, brands exist in the customer's mind.



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