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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Brand Building

I received an invitation to a course led by a big-name marketing professor on "Building a Brand," with topics to include, according to the invitation,
- How important is branding?
- How do you develop a brand concept?
- How do you promote a brand?
- What makes a strong brand?
- When do you stretch a brand?
- How do you revitalize a brand?
- How do you rationalize your product line?
- How do you assess brand performance?
- What are the most frequent causes of brand failure?

It's missing the most important question: Why build a brand? I don't mean this question as rhetorical. It's an important question.
A brand is only a tool. The purpose of an organization isn't to build a brand; a brand is only a tool for achieving some other ends--a brand may be a really good way of reaching those other ends, or even the only way of achieving those ends, but it shouldn't be confused with those ends.
While "building a brand" may provide a common point of reference for the organization, it can't substitute for articulating a common sense of purpose.



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